Dear Isabelle, tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m Isabelle, I will be 27 in May, I’m mother to two girls (Mia 3,5 and Marie 1,5) and born in Berlin. I’m blogger @amummyslife with a focus on kids fashion and trends. Next to that I’m writing about children interior two Days in Berlin as editor for a kids lifestyle magazine. Since two years we are living in Potsdam. Here I got this coming home feeling and I found my “people”. One year ago the dad of my kids and I “separated”. I put this in quote signs because except that we are no longer kissing each other nothing really has changed. He became to one of my closest friends and we treat each other with more respect than before. He moved back to Berlin but we are spending three Days together during the week. He is sleeping over here, we still do our family trips and travels together. He was always working as head chef and now owns his restaurant so the kids know that daddy is not much home. The kid’s home will always be our both home. We started to live a pretty perfect and imperfect patchwork life together with new members which to me means a huge enrichment for everyone. 

We are curious about your pregnancy experience for both children?

I can not complain about my both pregnancies. I was lucky and didn’t suffer under nausea or complications. I’m very grateful for that. Concerning food during the pregnancy I didn’t really care about how much I ate. I ate everything I wanted when I wanted. I picked up 20 kilos in each pregnancy but I know now that this was good for my babie’s and my body needed it. My body knows best what to do and what he needs when. When I talk about my hormones I can tell: They were not my best friends - especially after giving birth for the first time. But also that has changed again! Everything in life has it’s time. 

How is your everyday experience as mommy?

Since I’m a mother new views on several things changed my life and character. I feel like changing each Day a little bit more. I always loved children but since I’m mother I know even more what they can teach us adults and I’m able to live that Day by Day. They show us what really matters in life. But this we can see only if we WANT to see it.

How was your style during your pregnancy and did your relationship with fashion change after being pregnant?

Concerning my pregnancy styles I kept my looks except in the end where I had to wear leggings each day because every other pants felt uncomfortable. Right now, 1,5 years after I gave birth to my second daughter I feel more home in my body than ever before. My relationship with fashion and trends never stopped but developed during and after my pregnancies. There was a time I wore often the same styles and outfits without changing so much but my passion for fashion never changed.

What is your favorite mommy - fashion item you can’t live without?

What I need in my outfit is always a key item. Such as a pattern jacket to a casual, unexcited jeans outfit or pattern trousers to basic t-shirts. If I have to decide for a couple of mom-items I need daily during these spring Days I would mention: My red lipstick of course, my Cologne Absolue Oolong Infini, a pair of houndstooth pattern pleated pants, white sneakers and a printed t-shirt!

Which would be an advice you would give to other new mamas?

It’s not easy to give advices to other moms. Every woman needs to find her own way and if you are fine with it go for it otherwise change! In case of fashion I can only say: wear what makes you feel good! If you are unsure let inspire you by blogs or magazines or friends. 

Concerning daily life with children: Don’t think about what other people could think of you. People will always watch and find something to talk. Many people want to tell you how life works but it’s how THEIR life is going (or not going). Yours is developing for sure in another direction. I listen to critics and advices and try take out the good for me. What I learned within the last years is to stay calm and listen and think about what this could mean for me. As a parent you can never do everything right. Find your way but keep in mind you will not find it in one Day, it’s a process! Accept it and start doing and living! Thinking about to give up and crying are normal feelings and every mom knows that. 

And when you are pregnant: Listen to your body not to your mind!!!

Dear Isabelle, thank you so much for this overwhelming in content interview!


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Posted on Mai 5, 2018 by PaulaJanzMaternity